BizTalk Roadmaps

BizTalk Roadmaps

Aidant's experienced consultants can provide a roadmap for BizTalk implementations or upgrades. BizTalk Roadmaps are customized per client based on specific need.


Our teams balance the following when developing BizTalk Roadmaps:

  • Proven security guidance

  • Gentle learning curve for the in-house team

  • Less coding and more doing strategy

  • Maximizing BizTalk investments

Roadmap Elements

Though each roadmap is customized, they may include the following elements:

  • Proof of concept(s)
  • Incremental, step-by-step BizTalk implementation
  • Data Integration as a shared service
  • BizTalk as the integration hub within the enterprise
  • Cloud strategy with best-in-class hybrid solutions
  • Business process optimization along the way


Aidant's DI.Platform is the end-to-end solution that enables organizations to standardize data integration patterns for business-to-business, e-commerce, data warehousing and application-to-application.

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