Meet the Team: Paul Jones

We’d like to introduce our remarkable team for you to get a better understanding of how we think and feel about data integration. Below are some questions that we asked Paul Jones, Chief Software Architect.

What is your role in Aidant Technologies?

I am Aidant’s Chief Software Architect. I am responsible for making the high-level design decisions, setting software coding standards, and choosing the tools we use for development.


What about Aidant Technologies interested you and what do you like about working at a growing technology company?

The world of integration has always fascinated me. There are unique problems to solve and even more unique solutions to bring to the table. Working at an innovative tech company gives me the agility and freedom from red-tape to make a meaningful impact.


What’s something interesting that you’re working on now?

Currently we are working on virtualizing our DI-Platform infrastructure in Aidant's private cloud. This allows our clients to rapidly spin up servers in a secure ecosystem hosted in our data center, which means greater flexibility and reduced infrastructure costs for our clients.


What new technologies / tools are you interested to try or using currently that you’re new to using?

The latest and greatest is blockchain and its associated technologies, I’m excited about integrating smart-contracts, ledgers, and other exciting blockchain features into our existing product line.


What’s something unique you bring to the Aidant team?

Experience in all of the facets of IT, from project management to software development.


What matters to you most when you’re working with a client?

Our guiding principle is bringing value to the client. Through years of experience in the realm of integration across a myriad of verticals, Aidant has created a framework that radically reduces development time. This allows us to offer tremendous functionality for less than our competitors and in some cases even allows for the self-funding of projects.


What Is your favorite meal?




More about Paul

As a Chief Architect, Paul Jones leads the Software Development Team at Aidant Technologies. Paul has been developing software and leading engineering teams on the enterprise level for over 15 years.  Paul contributes to our clients’ success at all levels of the organization, with a particular focus on driving the development of the next generation of DI.Platform.    


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