Meet the Team: Roy Carnes

We'd like to introduce you to our Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Roy Carnes. Below are some questions we've asked him to showcase what he brings to Aidant. 

1.  What is your role In Aidant Technologies?

I look after direct sales interactions with our customers and drive Business Development activities for our strategic partner relationships.


2.  What about Aidant Technologies interested you and what do you like about working at a growing technology company?

Integrity and Results.  The ability to drive measurable business impact for our customers and partners with the least amount of effort and investment on their part.

Very fast and agile decision making internally so value is achieved by our customers very quickly.

Team efforts and decisions are quickly implemented to adapt to client needs and business changes.  


3. What’s something interesting that you’re working on now?

Currently I am working with our engineering team to extend our solution to apply to specific supply chain management and healthcare challenges faced by clients today.

4. What is one development in Data Integration that’s interesting for you?

Visibility and end-to-end tracking of data that a customer already is using in their organization to which they have never yet been able to unlock the value.  Giving the access to the data in ways that allows them to make better business decisions that helps drive their own KPIs like increasing revenue, improving customer service, and removing the barriers of friction for more fluid business operations.

Giving customers the ability to make meaningful business decisions based on the actual raw data that already exists in their business transactions.

5. What’s something unique you bring to the Aidant team?

My background includes sales, business development and customer service experience across many business models and industries. The ability to connect the challenges customers face to the right solutions that help solve challenges within their organizations. My customer-focused approach aligns well with Aidant's philosophy.


6. What matters to you most when you’re working with a client?

Personal and professional integrity, and being aidant! (“helpful”).  


7. What Is your favorite meal?

Any meal enjoyed with family and friends.



More about Roy:

Roy leads our strategic Sales and Business Develop initiatives. He has a diverse background from manufacturing, sales and partnership development. Roy has a passion for helping organizations achieve measurable business outcomes through the right combination of software, services and hardware solutions.

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