Meet The Team: Brad Ricketson

We'd like to introduce you to our Lead Developer, Brad Ricketson. Below are some questions we've asked him to showcase what he brings to Aidant. 

1. What is your role In Aidant Technologies?

As Lead Developer, I'm currently working as an application architect on a client project.  I’ve served as an integration specialist for B2B and intracompany systems.

2. What about Aidant Technologies interested you and what do you like about working at a growing technology company?

The environment and atmosphere is more pleasant than other places I have previously worked, which makes a huge difference in the success of the company and personal professional growth.

Also, a wide focused outlook on the company’s future, and working on the entire problem rather than smaller focus with a bigger company. There are more opportunities among different projects. In a bigger corporation, there isn’t much crossover in tasks which leaves you focused on smaller issues.

3. What’s something interesting that you’re working on now?

The process of rewriting applications that were written over a decade ago is very interesting to me. Making the applications more modern and more supportable is a challenge because the technology is antiquated and I find this interesting because this integration will be used in their day to day operations.

4. What new technologies / tools are you interested to try or using currently that you’re new to using?

Microsoft core is what we are currently using on a particular project.

MVC with a combination of data annotation attributes on the models, which allows for validation of inputs and streamlines developments for the applications. Also, cyber security concerning B2B communications and keeping up with current standards interests me, due to the constant and changing needs is also very interesting to me.

 5. What’s something unique you bring to the Aidant team?

Over 15 years of experience working with system integrations and complex EDI situations.  These systems are vital to a company’s day to day success and are such an ingrained part of the business infrastructure that they must work as seamlessly as possible.

6. What matters to you most when you’re working with a client?

I like to anticipate things that the client hasn’t considered adjacent to the scope of the current project, which would lead to more success on their part.

7. What Is your favorite meal?

Spicy basil eggplant with brown rice.

Brad Ricketson, Lead Developer

Brad Ricketson, Lead Developer