Meet The Team: Pratishtha Painuly

We'd like to introduce you to our Senior Software Developer, Pratishtha Painuly. Below are some questions we've asked her to showcase what she brings to Aidant. 

1. What Is Your Role In Aidant Technologies?

As a Senior Software Developer, I optimize products and services for Aidant and our clients by leveraging new technologies for the best possible solutions. I also help in solving code whenever required.

2. What About Aidant Technologies Interested You And What Do You Like About Working At A Growing Technology Company?

At Aidant, we have an honest and dedicated team to work with that makes for an excellent working environment, along with opportunities to grow and build great products.

3. What’s Something Interesting That You’re Working On Now?

Designing Security for our DI product which is scalable for each client. Our robust security system takes care of both client and server side security.

4. What new technologies / tools are you interested to try or using currently that you’re new to using?

I have been interested in using the latest version of Angular for a long time in our DI. Platform, I have had the pleasure to use it while working on our own product. Angular 4/5 is useful for building the UI framework which facilitates good client  interaction and provides powerful features for enhancing user interface with our DI. Platform. It provides support for typescript language, which is much better than javascript.

5. What’s Something Unique You Bring To The Aidant Team?

I think my attitude and zeal to constantly learn new things and implement the same. And a “refuse to give up attitude” goes a long way when working with clients as well as working with a great team.

6. What Matters to you most when you’re working with a client?

The client should be able to have utmost trust in me to make them happy with my work, for current and future projects.

7.   What Is your favorite meal?

 Grilled Oysters.



More About Pratishtha:

Pratishtha brings 7 years of software design, development and integration experience to our team. She has an Advanced knowledge of various client and server side programming with many years of experience in various industries.

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