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Custom Application Development


Custom Application Development

Our clients look to us to develop custom business-critical applications. We leverage our business and vertical expertise for our clients to create custom applications using the Microsoft and Azure stack.While delivering complex functionality for our clients, the Aidant team applies the same processes, systems and methodologies used to create the DI.Platform and other EDI tools.

Based on project and client need, our teams utilize iterative development approaches (Agile, Kanban). Custom Applications to suit your company’s needs are crucial to effective implementation. Get what fits your company.

At Aidant, we

  • Focus on business-critical applications
  • Build on Microsoft and Azure stacks
  • Leverage our industry specific knowledge developed through our data integration practices


Aidant's DI.Platform is the end-to-end solution that enables organizations to standardize data integration patterns for business-to-business, e-commerce, data warehousing and application-to-application.

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