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Data Integration Expertise

Since 2003, Aidant has helped small, medium and large businesses communicate seamlessly with their trading partners. Aidant team members are uniquely experienced in both the technical and business requirements of EDI and all other forms of modern data integration. We work with you to identify your key business objectives and develop solutions to support those objectives.

Optimize business functions:

  • Streamline customer service
  • Control vendor chargebacks
  • Increase data quality compliance
  • Drive revenue through automation

Aidant Industry Expertise

Aidant Industry Expertise

Deep Industry Experience

We support organizations across various verticals. We improve our customers' business processes, data integration quality and customer experience, with deep expertise in:


Aidant's DI.Platform is the end-to-end solution that enables organizations to standardize data integration patterns for business-to-business, e-commerce, data warehousing and application-to-application.

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