Personalized service + deep EDI experience

Since 2003, we've helped small, medium and large businesses communicate seamlessly with their trading partners.  Aidant team members are uniquely experienced in both the technical and business requirements of EDI. We work with you to identify your key business objectives, and create an implementation plan in line with your budget.  We build mutually respectful relationships with our clients through frequent on-site communication. We believe this personal approach makes us more accountable for our work and eliminates many of the headaches associated with large integration projects.



Proprietary pre-built tool kits save time & money

Our proprietary, platform agnostic suite of ready to go SDKs and accelerators provide Aidant clients with a critical competitive advantage.  Easy to use and support, our proprietary toolkits can cut your time to market by 50%.  Our toolkits facilitiate communication with all major ERP systems.  



Mentoring & ongoing support ensure project success

Our work doesn't stop when the last line of code is pushed to production.  Throughout the engagement, we work with your team to sharpen their skills.  Need more help? We have experienced developers who can start working with you in person immediately.  Our supplemental team members can monitor and maintain your systems during peak times for a fraction of the cost of hiring additional staff.



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