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By leveraging our proprietary DI.Platform, we customize and support cloud, hybrid, and on-premise EDI/EAI implementations to make your business run more smoothly; all the while balancing business goals, security, and budget. Aidant supports integrations of line-of business systems with SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Lawson, and MS Dynamics. With our proven methodology and DI.Platform, Aidant’s professional services team implements EDI/EAI efficiently.

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Aidant's DI.Platform is the data integration solution that enables organizations to standardize data integration patterns for business-to-business (B2B), e-commerce, data warehousing and application-to-application (A2A) including EDI and EAI. The DI.Platform also provides real-time data warehousing and business insights of the integrated data.

The DI.Platform empowers non-technical business users to self-service and get answers around their functions that are directly related to the data integrations. Our DI.Platform reduces the middleware footprint and lowers total cost of ownership; solving the most critical business challenges for your organization. Fuel business growth and higher customer satisfaction!


Data Integration Consulting

Since 2003, Aidant has helped small, medium and large businesses communicate seamlessly with their trading partners.  Aidant team members are uniquely experienced in both the technical and business requirements of EDI and all other forms of modern data integration. We work with you to identify your key business objectives and develop solutions to support those objectives.

Our data integration industry expertise helps companies optimize business functions such as streamlining customer service, controlling vendor chargebacks, increasing data quality compliance and driving revenue through automation.

We are the experts and authority for BizTalk Server Implementation, upgrade and optimization.


Custom Applications

Our clients look to us to develop custom business-critical applications. We leverage our business and vertical expertise for our clients to create custom applications using the Microsoft and Azure stack.  

While deliver complex functionality for our clients, the Aidant team applies the same processes, systems and methodologies used to create the DI.Platform and other EDI tools.

Based on project and client need, our teams utilize iterative development approaches (Agile, Kanban).


We focus on supporting companies in manufacturing and distribution, especially Order-to-Cash with particular expertise in

  • Supply Chain and Logistics (Warehouse, Distribution, TMS, 3PL etc.)
  • Parts/Components
  • Building Materials
  • Financial Services
  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Retail

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