Modernize your data integration environment.

DI.Platform Dashboard


Aidant's DI.Platform is the end-to-end solution which enables organizations to standardize data integration patterns for business-to-business, e-commerce, data warehousing and application-to-application.

DI.Platform allows users to nimbly solve critical business challenges. Non-technical business teams are empowered to find answers that would typically require IT teams to research.

DI.Platform enables IT leadership to reduce the organization's middleware footprint, control escalating licensing costs, and lower total cost of ownership of their middleware products.





Data Integration Hub map for Aidant's DI. Platform

Data Integration Hub map for Aidant's DI. Platform

Why Aidant's DI.Platform

DI.Platform decreases time to market by leveraging

  • Existing transaction data

  • Visual mapping tools for rapid integration deployment

  • Out-of-the-box search and reporting features

DI.Platform increases visibility of data & processes by providing

  • Configurable, full-featured web portal

  • User configurable notifications

  • End-to-end tracking of transactions across all line-of-business systems

DI.Platform decreases cost by

  • Optional On-Premise, Hybrid or Cloud deployment models

  • Consolidating features that usually require a myriad of products and servers into a single platform

  • Lowest licensing costs of all comparable solutions

  • Minimal professional services support required

The Integration Hub

DI.Platform serves as the hub for your disparate business functions and systems.

Business users, analysts and other applications can all access data. Multiple line-of-business systems and SaaS applications can provide and receive valuable information easily. Most importantly, your trading partners can be easily integrated in to your business processes.


  • Standardizes Data Integration Patterns

  • Decreases Time to Value

  • Increases Visibility of Data

  • Empowers Non-Technical Users

  • Delivers Business Insights

  • Lowers Infrastructure Costs

  • Co-Exists with Current Systems

  • Optimizes Business Processes

  • Self-Funds Modernization of Middleware Environment

  • Links Transactions across all Line-of-Business Systems

  • Deployed without Disruption to Current Business Processes

  • Co-exists and Enhances Current Environments

DI. Platform Features



See and print data for each transaction in plain, easy to understand language.

How this helps your business

• Self-service portal for customer service staff. 

• No trading partner left behind. 

Send printed or electronic .pdfs to smaller trading partners.



End-to-end transactions and visibility.

How this helps your business

• Reduces data ambiguity and provides tools to lower vendor charge-backs.  

• Creates trust between trading partners as well as between internal technical and business teams.



Store information for each transaction and enable advanced data analysis and reporting.

How this helps your business

• Reduces lead time for CSR to respond to trading partner requests (the data is accessible to CSR).



Efficient on-boarding of new partners or data integrations.

Simple, step-driven interfaces to route transactions and data.

How this helps your business

• Creates common, reusable design patterns.

• Faster time to market for on-boarding new trading partners. 

• Enables organizations to on-board new technical staff with minimal training.



Full-featured search capabilities on all transactions.

How this helps your business

• Lowers your IT personnel hours/costs.  

• Middleware team can focus on true IT functions rather than supporting past integrations.



Real-time notifications of processing or processing errors using plain-language messages.

How this helps your business

• Allows teams to proactively resolve of technical issues.

• Enables critical updates to key stakeholders.

DI.Platform Deployment Models

DI.Platform can be deployed on-Premise, in the Cloud (SaaS) or as a Hybrid model, and change the deployment at any time, with no downtime. We help customers determine their best option from both a technology and financial perspective.  Aidant's pricing is similar to other platforms, but significant cost differences may be had with one over another, depending on an organization's unique environment. 

Aidant's On-Premise, Hybrid and SaaS Models

Aidant's On-Premise, Hybrid and SaaS Models